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    DR KIM YOUIN, JUSTIN: President of SRMC

    Dr Kim Youin, Justin is a renowned and highly successful aesthetic doctor, plastic surgeon and inventor. He is also the Founder and President of SRMC, a Korean Biotechnology company.

    Dr Kim has made history by creating revolutionary new beauty medical technology, including MiDiPlasty which is very easy, safe and fast rejuvenation beauty medical method. Above all, it is natural. There is no surgery involved, and results are instant!

    He is a brilliant medical doctor with extraordinary talents who invented the first of its kind SR anti aging devices for aesthetics. Dr Kim is passionate about his inventions, and has dedicated his life to the development and invention of such technology.

    For past 24 years, Dr Kim has worked as a physician in the daytime and worked as a research engineer at night, sleeping only 4 hours a day, developed about 80 medical devices and currently holds about 30 national and international patents. Among his many inventions, SRS Laser which removes wrinkles in five minutes without any side effects, and SRA Laser which reduces belly size up to 5 cm by 40 minutes painless massage, have made him more famous globally.

    For this reason, a famous super doctor in N.Y., Dr Sharon Giese flew to Korea and visited SRMC headquarters to learn and see how to remove neck wrinkles by Dr Kim. If the SRS is imported into the US market and used for cosmetic procedure soon, the worries about wrinkles for older Americans, and even more so for Hollywood celebrities will be greatly reduced.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that the SRMC medical devices will change the face of this world.

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    Source Credit: USA Media Excerpt

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