Video Shows The “Before And After” Views Of The Same Face

Look at the stark difference in the before and after effects. On the right side of the gentleman’s face is the result after the 5 minute SRS laser procedure. On the left side is the face before treatment. Don’t you think each side looks like a different person, one years younger than the other? Before and after photos are common but there has never been anything like it!

The crow’s feet at the corner of the right eye have been completely removed with the skin smoothen and looking naturally good! These wrinkles cannot be easily removed with the existing conventional bulky laser equipment. Dermatologist and PFrankMD founder Paul Jarrod Frank said “Cosmeceutical products can help to soften them, but as long as we use our natural expressions, the muscles will contract and eventually create a wrinkle.”

So, aesthetics doctors use Neuromodulators such as Botox (Botulinum toxin), Dysport and Xeomin to treat these wrinkles around the eyes. Frank suggests: “These treatments inhibit the movement of the muscle which in turn will reduce the likelihood of a crease or crow’s feet from forming.” For lines closer to the inner corner of the eye, Town & Country says: hyaluronic acid filler which can help plump away those creases.

However, the problem with the treatment with such fillers and injectables is that it makes the skin stiff, and does not make the skin look natural and elastic enough as it should for younger skins. Moreover, this kind of treatment may not be permanent, and can be risky as it can be deadly because it can kill!

The so-called best alternative treatment for removing the crow’s feet or wrinkles around the eyes currently available is a combination of the so-called “ablative laser resurfacing” and other techniques, such as Botox injections. That is because ablative laser resurfacing, apart from being complicated and painful, may not completely eliminate these crow’s feet.

According to Healthline: Ablative laser resurfacing is a procedure that removes the upper layers of skin, revealing newer, younger looking skin. You may be given pain medicine before the procedure. The procedure involves a laser wand focused on the face. Your face may be wrapped in a dressing for several days after the procedure. Complete healing can take several weeks. The opposite is true for the SR treatment. Indeed, you probably want to jump up and show your friends and the world your new good looks!

The other extreme alternative for the sake of beauty is to go for plastic surgery! However, worry not, there is SRS!

So, move over… SRS To The Rescue!
Nothing comes close to the SRS treatment, nothing! As you can see from the video it speaks volumes for itself!

It is Fast! Easy! Natural! Safe! Instant!

There is no pain but only smooth beautiful skin after a short, fast treatment. The procedure is easy and simple, taking only about 5 minutes!

There is no downtime and you don’t have to wrap yourself in a dressing for several days as in the ablative laser resurfacing treatment mentioned above. It really sounds ridiculous when compared with SRS! Complete healing can take several weeks with laser resurfacing but it is nil with SRS! Again, absurd!

A combination of the ablative laser resurfacing combined with Botox injection can be expensive and worse when coupled with the several weeks of downtime, first with your face being wrapped in dressing and then the downtime taken to heal! Make good use of your time and hard earned bucks work harder for you instead of you working harder and more…

Most importantly, become more handsome or beautiful easily! SRS is neat! No mess! It works instantly!


It sounds too good to be true? The MIDIPLASTY medical technology has been successfully performed on over 8000 patients, having been established since 2012! Try it for yourself!


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