SRMC and its Founder and President Dr Justin Kim Youin have been featured in numerous press and media reports for many years already.

Korea may be known as “the kingdom of plastic surgery” but Dr Kim’s biotech invention has no surgery! It is simple, safe and natural. It is painless and comfortable. No knife! No injection! No poking!

It is super fast! It works! Perfectly!

Your skin becomes truly young! And you look and feel beautiful inside out!

SRMC BIOTECHNOLOGYDr Justin Kim Youin’s revolutionary technology will disrupt and change the world of plastic surgery, aesthetics and dermatology. It is a game changer!

It is mind blowing and at the same time a breathtaking development that you as the end customer may not have noticed yet.

Well, you can actually reverse your age! It is a U turn of time.

Unage! That is!

It looks like it has been the best kept secret* all these years in spite of the numerous reports in the various media channels globally! But no longer, the *secret is out! Shh… StarSecret!

* The reason is simple. That’s because Dr Kim has been too busy perfecting the technology for you. Now, you can truly be a star!


Dr Kim Youin With American SuperDoctor Sharon Giese
There are more exciting new developments in the pipeline for SR Beauty. Check it out!



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