The SRA is not only for keeping the body slim and good looking without side effects, which is

Dr Kim With Mr Lee (Korean Patient, Aged 57)

very important in itself of course but it also improves the overall physical health of the person, such as increasing the immunity enhancement, improving the bowel movements, detoxification, etc.

One case example is Mr Lee, a Korean of 57 years old at the time of treatment in 2018. He was suffering from Hypertension (高血压), Dibetes Melitus (糖尿), Degenerative Arthritis of Knee (膝盖关节炎). After only four months of treatment or twelve times in total, his waistline has gone down from 113 cm to 89 cm, and the corresponding weight of 93 kg to 77 kg!

A happy Mr Lee, as shown in the picture with Dr Kim, is now in the pink of health, and a figure of cheerfulness with great self esteem and confidence.

Korean Male, 57 Case Study


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