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    Kingdom Of Plastic Surgery
    Korea is called “the kingdom of plastic surgery”. The number of cosmetic surgical procedures is the seventh in the world, but the surgery per capita is said to be the world’s number one, as 16 procedured persons per 1000 peoples are performed every year. [ISAPS,UN. 2010]

    Look Ma, No Surgery!
    In Seoul where 10 million people live, almost every high rise building has one or more beauty clinics, and the metro stations in Gangnam are plastered with advertisements for the clinics. Most top 0.1% of high school graduates want to enroll in medical school, and best students of medical schools try to major in plastic surgery. In the heat of cosmetic surgery, there is Dr Kim Youin, who leads a starting biotech company named SRMC in Korea.

    Dr Kim Youin, Justin
    For past 24 years, Dr Kim has worked as a physician in the daytime and worked as a research engineer at night, sleeping only 4 hours a day, developed about 80 medical devices and currently holds about 30 national and international patents. Among his many inventions, SRS Laser which removes wrinkles in five minutes without any side effects, and SRA Laser which reduces belly size up to 5 cm by 40 minutes painless massage, have made him more famous globally.

    Skincare: Wrinkle Removal
    The laser device has already obtained several patents from a few countries in the world, been approved by the US FDA, and proved its excellent efficacy and safety through 8,000 clinical trials for several years since its first development in 2012. Especially, SRS laser device has been impressed and admired by many patients because of its laser technology which can instantly removes not only various facial wrinkles but also neck wrinkles for the first time in the world with no side effect.

    Currently, because of the exogenous energy present during surgery, the fat removal by non-suction method has been found to have three major problems: pain needed for sleep anesthesia, slow results seen after 2-4 weeks, and post-operative sagging skin. This problem has always been a disappointment to patients, but SRA is very different. with no pain at all, the SRA treatment reduces the belly circumference immediately after procedure and brings remarkable skin lift in sagged skin caused by fat removal.

    Treating Obesity
    Abdominal computed tomography (CT) performed on some patients showed reduced visceral fat after the SRA procedure. SRA not only improves ones looks, but also could save lives by treating obesity in the United States, where the obesity population is high.

    Laser Hair Growth Device: SRHG
    Dr Kim says that in addition to introducing such innovative medical equipment to the world so far, he is entering into the second stage of development. It is to develop a laser hair growth device [project name: SRHG-100] and dual immune anti-cancer laser device [project name: SRIAC-100].

    There are many kinds of hair loss preventive laser devices in the world, but there are no laser device that makes actually hair grow.

    SRMC of Dr Kim has been developing a method to promote hair growth by stimulating dermal papilla cells through blending technology of specific wavelengths of laser, while other researchers adopt a method of implantation of cultured dermal papilla cells.

    AntiCancer Treatments
    As already known, usual anticancer drugs used for chemotherapy kills cancer cells but it also brings serious side effects to patients because it also destroys normal cells.

    In contrast, anti-cancer methods and treatments which focus on stimulating and increasing the number of T-cells and NK cells that fight against cancer cells without harming the normal cells have recently gained more popularity due to the low side effects.

    However, there are two problems in the process of culturing such cells. First, the incubation period takes at least one to two weeks, and the second is that there is a risk of infection by bacterias, mycoplasma during the culturing.

    SRMC Methods In AntiCancer Treatments
    This has also been an issue in stem cell culture. Researchers at SRMC have been studying ways to increase the anticancer ability of blood-borne immune cells in the blood by bypassing the patient’s blood through a conduit into a laser device, rather than cultivating blood separately.

    In this case, since it is a closed system, it is possible to prevent the risk of infection in an open system culture method, and it is advantageous that the treatment can be performed very quickly with a time of about 30 minutes.

    SRMC says that the vast amount of data to blend laser wavelengths accumulated over the past decade and various technique learned to chemically enhance this effect will be valuable resources to develop such technologies.

    Procedures Performed
    ISAPS: Procedures Per 1000 Of Population
    Procedures Per 1000 Of Population

    Source Credit: USA Media Excerpt, Titled: Korean Biotechnology company SRMC joins famous plastic surgeons in New York

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