SRS Laser Principle 1
The skin of humans stretches 1 mm each year from the age of 25. For example, if a person becomes 60 years old, his or her cutis pendula (sagging skin) becomes 3.5 cm.

As a result, the surrounding tissues of the eyes and mouth which have big holes become severe as ‘wrinkles’. SRS laser directly contract with 1st thermal effect on them. Then it plays a 2nd thermal effect as replacement action that pierces micro-vertical holes and induces a healing process called “collagen formation” to sagging parts (maximally 784 micro-holes per 1cmx1cm area of skin).

Micro-holes are replaced and filled by newly formed collagen tissues, and in so doing, sagging tissues are contracted with increased elasticity to become much younger skins. This is similar that when an 80 year old man cuts his finger by a sickle, he eventually finds new healing tissues on the wounded site with high elasticity and tightness. We use this phenomenon.

SRS has the following characteristics.

▶ Protect epidermis (other fractional devices: severe epidermal injury): good defense, prevention of inflammation and pigmentation
▶ Deep penetration into dermis: scar Tx.,special effect to skin pore and wrinkles
▶ Excellent collagen reforming power: great in increasing the elasticity of the skin

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